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Blinken, the UN and Hevron

I decided that at the moment, I’m just going to keep posting up bits of the Rav’s translated shiurim here. It’s part of the process of learning how to ‘think for ourselves’, that information isn’t just spoon fed to us, but that we actually have to use our brains, a little, to really ‘think into’ […]

There are no pilots – hints from back in Elul

I’m just going through some of the ‘conversations’ of the Rav that I translated the last few months. The plan is, BH, to do ‘Conversations 2’. When I was pulling together  the original ‘Conversations’ a few years back is when my mind started to explode from all the hints and new information and eureka! moments […]

More words from the Rav

Cut and pasted from the ravberland.com site HERE. The full shiur is on that site, with lots of very deep hints and allusions to what is really going on: Here are the bits you are probably most interested in, right now: ==== A small child will try to test if the fire burns or doesn’t […]

There is no yeoush in the world

Of course, I’m writing that because I’m feeling a big wave of yeoush again. You could basically sum it up like this: Totally sick of having to deal with retarded people who are so stuck in the world of lies, but can’t understand just how stuck they are, because of course, they are also lying to […]

A story

Once, there was a very evil man who wanted to take over the world and kill and enslave all the Jews. His name was Lavan Ha’Arami. When Lavan was getting on and about to die, he called his son Bilaam to come and have a chat. Son, he began. I’m really proud of the way […]

Strange stories

Something pretty weird is going on with the ‘media coverage’ in Gaza at the moment. Long story short….. it’s not going ‘to plan’ – at least, the plan of the evils who sat down and planned how this war was meant to happen and progress a longgggg time ago already. In a mo, I just […]

More hints from the Rav

This is the next bit of the translated shiur from October 30th, 2023. You can read the first part HERE. And as usual, tons of hints and clues as to what is really going on here, for anyone prepared to do a little bit of thinking and investigation for themselves. ==== So, we need “to […]

Who can we trust?

I’ve been having an interesting email exchange, and I wanted to share bits of it more widely here. ***UPDATES*** It revolves around the very crucial discussion about ‘who we can trust’ right now. First, here’s a brief overview of what my correspondent is ‘noticing’: So much of the “media” (including “alternative”, blogs, etc) that were […]

Jews in chul – we need your prayers

I literally just got sent this from two people at once, at exactly the same time. The Deputy Commander of the Givati Brigade (main combat unit in the Gaza area), literally crying, begged to convey to us, the chareidi tzibbur, that we’re not awake enough to the war situation in Gaza and that the fighting […]

The government abandoned everyone

Another excerpt from the Rav’s shiurim from last week. As always, there are a ton of clues contained here, about what was really happening on October 7, 2023. BH, if I have time, I will translate some more later in the week. ==== Except of shiur from Oct 30th, 2023 Now, we are seeing ‘a […]